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And so ends the story that really put Kota’s World on the map. I hope you all enjoyed it. Next we’ll be heading back to the internet proper and see the fallout of Destiny’s sneaking in “Broken”. See you then!

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I remember being so proud of the coloring on this page. It’s still pretty good!

Did anyone else notice Simon looked like the globecops?

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That’s it. That last two panels are the entire reason this story was written and the entire reason it’s worth it.

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AGAIN with the implications. . .

In retrospect, why would they dispose of her if she can carry data?  Couldn’t they reuse her?

On a different note, Munki always talks about Ape Madness. It’s him trying to be a badass. Well THIS? This is the first time he’s really used Ape Madness.

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I always love how Munki has this sort of Groucho Marx walk where he’s leaning forward.

I can’t tell you how many times I yelled “Anything going back?” from the back of a trailer.

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Hey look! I spelled smooch like a normal person!
Seriously though, I wanted Dandy to be the sweetest girl you could ever meet and for it to just tear Munki up to try and hurt her. Somebody he couldn’t help but fall for.