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And THIS is where the series changed. Kota was going to die, the series was going to end with everyone going their separate ways. It was going to be a dark ending to a funny comic. Then Cassi popped into my head. She literally saved the series. Remember that as you read.

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Oh shut up, Keith! Seriously, I think there should have been more sullen anger to this instead of melodramatic moaning and crying out in anguish. It’s just seems over the top and dumb. Then again, I WAS watching the Young and the Restless while writing and drawing this.

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You know, Keith has grown now that I come to this. When the series started he was desperate for a relationship and was willing to not question things to get it. Now his eyes are open and he’s not willing to settle. I kinda went through a similar journey.

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You know, if you didn’t know any better you’d think I knew what I was doing when I wrote all this! Seriously though, I wove a confusing story with all this and the fact that I got anything coherent out of it still amazes me to this day, guys.

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One of my big regrets is in how long it took to develop Destiny’s character. I think that maybe that’s why I wrote her out and gave her a different path like this. I felt that there was no basis for her and Kota being together.

Something I’ve realized. I’m not as big a fan of thought balloons as I used to be. I think I’d rather just have someone talk to themselves or let their faces tell the story.

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And they did watch and they did wait.

Thank you all so much for reading! I know Kota said the boat was longer, but it really wasn’t. This was a whopping 57 pages! Then again, there was a lot of story to tell! I’ll see you next time for Big Brother Dandylion!