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I really like this page! There’s a lot happening and some interesting angles that I need to bring back into my wheelhouse!

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I STILL think this is a well written page. Kota and the gun, Kota and his worry. This may technically be a text wall, but it’s a well written one.

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I should have done some more work on the backgrounds in this one. I will say that this story is pretty tightly done for Kota’s World.

The Return of Springheeled Jack: Jack Harder! – Cover

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So this story was a turning point for Iowa and Kota. Iowa’s story sort of went downhill and Kota’s became way more dark. It also gave me a chance to do something better with Springheeled Jack. I love the idea of the character for some reason and began working on a new direction for him.

Also, I have no idea why Kota changed shirts in this one but he did.

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If I were to go back and rewrite this, I would not have Kota be this smart about the situation. He’s bright enough, but there are times where his naivety is more charming.
Also, I hate the pattern on the sky in this one.

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I have no clear remembrance or reasoning behind Kota’s motivation here other than he thought it would be fun to watch Asrian get hurt. In fact, I was never satisfied with how this story turned out in the end. There could have been much more to it.

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THIS. This is why Yip became a favorite character. I’d forgotten that Yip swooped down like this and pulled Kota’s head out of his own butt!

Never was happy with the moons in this one.

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Oh shut up, Keith! Seriously, I think there should have been more sullen anger to this instead of melodramatic moaning and crying out in anguish. It’s just seems over the top and dumb. Then again, I WAS watching the Young and the Restless while writing and drawing this.