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And so ends the story that really put Kota’s World on the map. I hope you all enjoyed it. Next we’ll be heading back to the internet proper and see the fallout of Destiny’s sneaking in “Broken”. See you then!

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I remember being so proud of the coloring on this page. It’s still pretty good!

Did anyone else notice Simon looked like the globecops?

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Trevor’s like a big puppy sometimes. A big deranged puppy that can fill you full of holes in 90 seconds, but a puppy, none the less.

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I always love how Munki has this sort of Groucho Marx walk where he’s leaning forward.

I can’t tell you how many times I yelled “Anything going back?” from the back of a trailer.

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First, the fact that Simon wanted Dandy in the deal should say something about her. Secondly, how DID she know first aid if she never learned it? Questions questions.

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Wow. There’s a lot here that I like. Munki as he’s losing consciousness looks great, his POV is a nice touch, and Trevor looks good. Over all, this page really pleases me.

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This was the page that really made me love Trevor. “Check the roof.” “No.”
I’ll be honest. I’m really surprised how well all this truck stuff turned out. I’d never drawn a truck before this.