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If I were to go back and rewrite this, I would not have Kota be this smart about the situation. He’s bright enough, but there are times where his naivety is more charming.
Also, I hate the pattern on the sky in this one.

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I have no clear remembrance or reasoning behind Kota’s motivation here other than he thought it would be fun to watch Asrian get hurt. In fact, I was never satisfied with how this story turned out in the end. There could have been much more to it.

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THIS. This is why Yip became a favorite character. I’d forgotten that Yip swooped down like this and pulled Kota’s head out of his own butt!

Never was happy with the moons in this one.

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So here’s another rooftop moment and a wall of text to go with it. I’ve learned to break those up, of course. I think part of this was me trying to rationalize how Kota seemed to do things that didn’t make sense for someone with the power of destruction. It turned out ok.
This isn’t an amazing page, but I will say it’s pretty solid art-wise.

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Not going to lie. When I got to this story I was bitter. I was bitter at Munki’s popularity and at the drop in readership after announcing I was going back to Kota and DBI. I eventually came to terms with it, but there’s a certain bullheadedness going into this issue.

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The coat get’s explained in the next story.
I want to say the girl’s name is Rachel? I’m not positive though. She shows up once more with a name. For now I’m leaving her untagged in the pages.

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Yip’s been with DBI for just over two years at this point in the story. When he first joined he was a bundle of nerves who was eager to please and listen to problems. At this point he’d been safe and happy and wasn’t desperate for approval. Yip became a real member of the team here when he sassed back to Kota.

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I love the splash panel in this one. That’s DBI there. I also love Mike’s reaction to being asked to get between two guys with powers fighting. It also shows how few real members there were in the team at this point. Geebo’s a part timer and Wanda and Remi have no training for this.