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So, I used to think like Kota. On some level I still do. Honestly though I was setting up foreshadowing on the whole Destiny/destiny thing. Like I’ve said, that didn’t really work out. None the less, I had a plan. It astounds me how this dialogue actually reflects the guy I based Munki on.

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For a long time I misspelled the word “huge” as “hugh”. You’ll see that a few times in here. Also, notice we’re back to pointing out this is a comic strip again. Oh joy. And why is Munki answering for Kota? Ugh.

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I hate this page. Seriously. The ham-fisted writing. The wording. Using words instead of conveying emotion through expressions. Munki once AGAIN pointing out that they’re in a comic strip. Twice in this one. Man, this gets painful sometimes.

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Kind of a weird way to introduce an important character, I know. Sue me. This is Destiny. I had a plan for her with this series and that plan changed drastically as the series progressed. But yeah. Here she is in some guy’s fish tank. Go figure.

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I’m going to be completely honest. I never touched on the APJ and what it was again. I also never featured Phil and Katie again after this storyline. I knew Phil and that’s all I’ll say on the whole subject. This whole first storyline is rather embarrassing and I won’t touch on some of it for that reason. This is one of many, many fourth wall breaks in this comic.

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Yip’s design settled down a bit here. He was supposed to look really stressed and and wit’s end and I think that worked. The first panel is sort of my homage to Sunday strips and their title worked into the art. APJ, well, I knew this guy. . .

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Like most writers, I didn’t actually know what irony was. Synchronicity, sure. What to say about this one. Mike has moved into a proto version of his lab, this is the first real mention of Kota having powers of any kind, and the pokemon kid is me being REALLY tired of Pokemon. At this point it was a brand new property still and it was everywhere.
This is also the first appearance of my favorite character. Yip. He’s a bit abstract here but it’s him.