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And now the two stories really start coming together.

I also just want to say Lewis was rocking this look waaaaaaaaaay before Michael Bay used it on Megatron.

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Oooow. Those hands. Those horrible muppet hands. . .

So at this point, Bradley’s been on the run and making Lewis’ life a living hell off camera.

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Full page spreads were definitely a new thing for me at this point. I was happy with them but I can do them better now in Manga Studio.

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This is a different Kota than before in many ways. This is a Kota who know’s he’s the Disasterboy. He know’s he can handle a given situation. He may have some problems, but a lack of confidence isn’t one of them right here.

Also, screw Tod.

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This is it. This is the story where Kota’s World changed and became sooooo much more than it was before. Two things happened before this. First, that last page made me realize that Kota and his series were every bit as valid as the other things I’d planned over the years. Second. I read Understanding Comics. It is no small thing to say that the book changed every single thing about how I made comics. I took more risks, I tried harder, I wrote better, and I actively tried to improve my art. I think that’s going to come through in this chapter. This was where Kota’s World became what it could be.

Oh! Remi got a haircut and contacts.

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Prologue! DBI loses another member. Wanda has a job (ug), and Malcolm probably never shows back up.

Bythron turns back up in our next story, “Scott’s Emulation Hell” so I’ll see you there!

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Sounds like some hasty BS to me. I shouldn’t have aged her. I also shouldn’t have kept her around. She should have left. I have this terrible habit of collecting characters. I’m sort of the anti-George R. R. Martin. I can’t stand to kill off a character. One of the great things about the new series, when it happens, is I can sort of cut down on the cast and those that I keep can get more attention than they did in the original series.

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There’s a lot to like in this page from an artistic standpoint. Specifically, I love the panel of Malcolm just suddenly being dead. It hurts.

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See, Lewis can be a hero. He’s the violent kind that doesn’t leave anyone alive though.

Also, if Destiny was missing and I introduced her sister, then I actually had a plan for where she was.

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Well that escalated quickly.
Seriously though, I redesigned Yip’s body because the old one looked stupid. This one is based on the Boomers from Bubblegum Crisis. The original BGC, mind you. Not the remake. Go back and check it out for what may be one of the best 80’s anime ever.