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I’ll be honest, I don’t have any strong memories of this page. I don’t remember if I had anything important to say or do with it. All I know is Corey is in the street scene.

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You have to admit that Remi is adorable in this one.

So let’s talk about coloring for a minute.

I’m pretty sure that at this point I was coloring under the transparent line art. I’d picked up the trick from a website called PolyKarbon that, sadly, has been abandoned since  2011. The tutorial I used is still up there though and it’s still every bit as valid now as it was then.

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So one day the guy Encrypt is based on shows up bald. We didn’t mean anything offensive, but we could stop laughing. He’d just up and shaved his head! Some people liked rubbing it like Buddha’s belly so this was the result.
Encrypt went through a lot of design changes as far as his hair is concerned. I changed it more than anyone’s.
It was around Thanksgiving at this point I believe so I made some reference to that.

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So there’s the uniforms. I based them on Robotech/Macross. It was mostly to get rid of that cloak of Voy’s and to get everything a bit more uniform. This also gave me the chance to cut down Voyager’s crew to only what I needed. I do notice Mike gave Fragg brown hair here. This is also the first time Voyager acted as Space-Coyote, which was his prefered online handle by that point. He would eventually be really big in the Halo forums.

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Does this feel like a cop-out? I always felt like this was a cop-out. The good news is that in the new series he really IS the last O’tan.

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First off, how do you even explain a character name like Dick Cockthrob?! I went totally nuts on the names when it came to reporters.
Second, I remembered the inspiration for this story. Back in 200x, Yahoo was using Google for it’s search results and I thought it would be fun to try and explain something similar in-universe.
Third, I’m going to go ahead and divide these two into parts one and two since they’re obviously structured that way. So yeah. See you for Engine Trouble Part 2!

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Hey! Another one I colored! I can tell because it looks like it did in my head!
Seriously though, Yip is tied to the search engine being a Yippi Buddy. I’m going to have to find a work around for that in the new series.

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Yeah. Because Grimm has such a good track record so far.
Grimm was based on those really effeminate villains from 80’s anime that I grew up watching. I don’t care what anyone says or does, he’s ALWAY gonna be that guy. Kinda wish I hadn’t done with him what I did with him later though.