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I’m pretty sure Bradley was thrown off the boating team and Fragg’s experience extends to having been on the boat in the firsts storyline.
And I still laugh at that last panel. EVERYONE is just fine with hooking a rocket booster to a sail boat.

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I STILL do that. “A combine! And a backhoe! And a machine gun! And a firetruck! And hookers!” Probably paraphrased from Beavis and Butthead, but it’s still a thing we do.
Scott really did have a boat called the Blowhard and I loved going out on that thing. Once the kids are older, he says he’ll get another one. I hope so. There’s nothing like being on the Reservoir at sunset with Pink Floyd playing. . .

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So Keith’s logic is pretty simple and I don’t know if it gets explained. It’s better for THEM to go after Voyager than for anyone associated with Yippimuck. At least then they’ll have a chance of him surviving.

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I forgot just how much Spanish I worked into the series. Which is weird because I don’t even know enough Spanish to have a basic conversation. Still, I took it in highschool and I guess some of it stuck.
So there’s some color problems here and it was all due to a lack of communication on my part. Yippimuck’s armor is supposed to be purple and gray and Voyager’s coat is supposed to be blue and along with Max’s. We may be nearing the end of Mike’s involvement as colorist now.

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Originally, this story was called “Just Business” and the next one was called “Engine Trouble” and I don’t see a reason to keep them separate since it’s the same story. It does kinda kill a few of the jokes where I referenced the title, but that’s life.

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It bothers me to no end that there was never any consequence to Keith doing that. He just got the hell away with it. Hmmm. Story ideas a brewin’. . .

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I. . . oh MAN. I’m thinking this was to give Keith a reason to NEVER use his powers on a human unless he meant to kill them. I have no idea what the hell he did to him, but it ain’t pretty.

This is another example of a character I think I meant to bring back at some point and didn’t. In the new series? Who knows. Maybe Poke-kid will come back.

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I’d like to think that Keith wanting to attack is the prophecy trying to go on and play itself out and not just an out of character moment for him.
That’s what I’d like to think, I would.