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This comic feels a bit awkward. I was coming to terms with a friend’s attempted suicide and I think I was trying to get an apology out of HIM for what he did. Like I’ve said, this comic was therapy. It wasn’t always healthy therapy.

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So except for the overly dramatic dialogue from Kota, this was the exact conversation I had at work one day. My friend called to tell me this news. I know why I felt guilty at the time, but honestly you can’t control another person and what they decide to do. I know that now. Then? Well, I still hadn’t figured that out.

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I don’t remember if I ever meant for Mike to join them, but he did. This is the beginning of what my friends call “The Boat”. This is a long stretch of storyline that didn’t need to be as long as it is. It’s also one of those things that needed to happy so I could learn something about pacing and story length. There’s a lot to be said for that. But then again, you can’t forget how much this is going to drag. Stick with it though. It’ll get better.

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Hello everyone! I’ve started this tumblr in an attempt to share my old comic Kota’s World with everyone. Kota’s World originally ran from 2000 to 2005 and was definitely a labor of love. I’ve taken what I learned in this series and applied it to Errant Apprentice but I thought this might be educational for some of you. I’ll try to provide some insights into the series when I can remember them. It’s been almost ten years, after all!

So, this strip was an attempt at copying “Sluggy Freelance”. I had no plan and the only characters I had were my friends. I apologize in advance for tomorrow’s comic.