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This isn’t such a bad page. I was trying to set things up with Destiny for later and show that maybe Keith was going to be ok for once. Anyhoo, that’s it for this one! Join us next time for The Return of Springheeled Jack: Jack Harder!

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Again, I’m not super happy with this ending. There should have been something more. I don’t know what, but something.

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If I were to go back and rewrite this, I would not have Kota be this smart about the situation. He’s bright enough, but there are times where his naivety is more charming.
Also, I hate the pattern on the sky in this one.

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“Yes. The super powered guy will never find me if I duck around this corner in plain site. I am truly brilliant, I am.”
No. Not really.

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Seriously, Asrian would stay up for days at a time and then pass out and be completely inert for days. I sometimes wonder if that’s the reason. . . nevermind. That’s a private matter.

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I have no clear remembrance or reasoning behind Kota’s motivation here other than he thought it would be fun to watch Asrian get hurt. In fact, I was never satisfied with how this story turned out in the end. There could have been much more to it.

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This is a very Looney Tunes page. It’s got a Chuck Jones/Wile E. Coyote vibe to it. First off, I’m impressed at the difference in art style between mine and Asrian’s. Second, I LOVE the way the fence turned out.